Stories by Todd R. Weiss to be auctioned starting at $200K

If it takes a killer Web domain name to create a profitable Web site, then online entrepreneurs might want to peek at the latest round of topical domain names being offered at auction by online vendor

Red Hat's Fedora 9 debuts with new features

Red Hat Fedora users who wanted an easier way to use the popular and free community-supported Linux operating system on portable USB thumb drives have had their wishes granted.

Red Hat rules out consumer desktop Linux

If you're waiting to see market-leading Linux vendor Red Hat release a desktop Linux operating system anytime soon to compete in the consumer market, then think again.

Curl debuts its RIA features for Ubuntu Linux

Curl Wednesday announced support for Ubuntu Linux, which will allow desktop Ubuntu users to easily see Curl-enhanced Web content on their computers without having to manually configure a player.

From IT intern to IT pro

As a US high school student in 1989, Dan Puga began working as an intern for Hewlett-Packard.

IT managers urged to dip toes into community-based support

For traditional businesses, navigating the world of open source software development is very different from working with a vendor. Just ask Ed Reaves, the platform product line manager for Toronto-based Nortel Networks, which uses Linux to run the switches that handle mobile telephone call routing.

Ubuntu Linux 8.04 final release set for April 24

When they're released in final form on April 24, the new server and desktop variants of Ubuntu Linux version 8.04 will include features aimed at making the open source operating system easier to use and to deploy.

Who writes and contributes to Linux code?

As the Linux operating system evolves, the people and organizations contributing to its code base is also changing. A new study has found that participants are moving farther away from the stereotypical open source hobbyist working late nights in his basement writing new code.

Open source: It's time to get down to business

Don MacAskill calls himself a "huge fan" of open-source software in general, and the MySQL database in particular. MySQL is one of the core technologies used at SmugMug, an online photo-sharing service, where MacAskill is CEO.

Novell customers have hard time finding training

Novell's steady migration to Linux and open source software as the underpinnings of its NetWare network operating system has been a success for Thomas Johnson, the CIO of US-based Metropolitan Bank Group.