Stories by Cynthia Morgan

The Road to Win2K

This week, Windows 2000 finally hits the streets, accompanied by massive hype and, if Computerworld readers are any indication, a cautious wait-and-see attitude from corporate information technology shops.

Transmeta Introduces Pentium-like Crusoe Chip

Transmeta Corp. took the wraps off the top-secret Crusoe chip last week, revealing a processor with extremely low power consumption that can run Intel Corp. Pentium-compatible applications.

Update: Transmeta Takes the Wraps Off Crusoe

World traveler Robinson Crusoe spent many years hidden away on a desert island. You could say something similar for Crusoe, the mobile Internet processor family that star-studded Transmeta Corp. brought out from under wraps today in San Francisco.

Active Directory: For Now,Try to Live Without It

Active Directory - Microsoft's answer to NDS, LDAP and just about every other method of classifying users and resources - hits the streets next month with Windows 2000. Computerworld's Cynthia Morgan asked Win 2K expert John Enck at Gartner Group Inc. for his advice on when (or whether) IT organizations should plan to adopt this most complex of directory services.

Guest column: Reporter's notebook: Citrix iForum

The focus at Citrix iForum here this week is definitely on thin clients (not surprising, since Citrix bet its business long ago on the thin client). More interestingly, the centre of this focus is application service providers (ASP) and what they can do.

Compaq to Announce Thin Clients

Compaq Computer Corp. is getting into the thin-client services game in a big way next month. The Houston-based manufacturer is set to announce two new Windows and Linux desktop thin clients and will strongly position its new Aero 8000 Windows CE Jupiter machine as a mobile thin client.