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E-Bank Security Break-in cites Policy Debate

Shark Tank

SO THE CIO at a start-up meets the new CEO. Who offhandedly says he's moving headquarters 2,000 miles. And probably closing the existing office. CIO: "OK, I'll freeze hiring." CEO: "Why?" CIO: "I don't want to bring friends into this environment." CEO: "Why?" CIO: "Because you're moving the company and we might be out of a job in 60 days." Pause. CEO: "So hire nonfriends."


Food Makers Sign Up with Online Grocer


Ticketmaster Online and CitySearch's online offering,, has plans to announce a new Internet service that will enable customers to purchase and download printable tickets via their PCs. Ticketmaster, based in Pasadena, Calif., intends to have the electronic tickets available sometime this spring.

Advice for Job Seekers

"Know your priorities up front, because in today's telecom job market, as soon as you make yourself available for consideration, you may have to evaluate very different offers in terms of opportunities, compensation, work environment, responsibilities and location."

Lotus Introduces New CEO

At Lotusphere 2000 in Orlando last week, Lotus Development Corp. introduced new CEO Al Zollar to customers, partners, analysts and the press. The 23-year IBM veteran will take over for outgoing CEO Jeff Papows Feb. 1. Computerworld senior editor Lee Copeland spoke with Zollar about his strategic vision for the groupware vendor.


Centralized Intruder Detection Tool