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Shark Tank

NEXT WAVE in Y2K news: layoffs. (Wait a minute, wasn't this thing supposed to keep us all rich until 2003 or so?) One smallish consultancy axed half its Y2K staff on Dec. 27. Wanted to beat the rush, maybe. The other staffers got it nine days later.


Microsoft Previews Tools To Link Unix, Windows

Briefs: Acquisition Mode

IT Factory Inc., a Cambridge, Massachusetts-based maker of Notes and Domino business objects, has acquired Corporate Image Software Inc. (CIS). CIS, also in Cambridge, develops software components and tools for Domino-based e-commerce systems. Acquisition terms weren't disclosed.

Column: Shark Tank

Let's push-broom through the Y2K confetti and look at the stomped paper cups beneath.


SAP, Siebel Integration

Just the Facts

Driving forces: The U.S. economy is transforming into an Internet economy, says Ben Sabrin, technical recruiter at Pencom Systems Inc. in Atlanta. Large brick-and-mortar companies are trying to become "click and mortars", and dot-com start-ups are proliferating wildly. All need Internet technology strategists to make them competitive in this new medium.

Briefs: Cyberspace -- The Next Battleground

The use of cyberwarfare to attack enemies is "just going to be one more arrow in the quiver" that the U.S. Department of Defense will use against hostile countries and groups, said U.S. Air Force General Richard Myers at a briefing this week.

Briefs: New CTO at Inc. in Westbury, New York, has appointed Jeffry A. Borror as chief technology officer. Borror has more than 20 years of experience in the information technology field. He joins the company from Daiwa Securities America Inc. in New York, where he has held the position of IT director for the past three years.

Briefs: IBM, Nortel Unveil Mainframe Links

IBM Corp. has announced Fiber Saver, an optical connectivity technology that allows mainframe links at distances of up to 25 miles. The product is the first offering from IBM's agreement with Nortel Networks and is scheduled to ship Feb. 25. IBM didn't disclose pricing details.

Briefs: VA Linux Offers Free Open-Source Software

VA Linux Systems Inc. in Sunnyvale, California, has launched a free online repository of open-source software projects, called SourceForge. According to the company, which owns the domain, SourceForge will contain more than 700 open-source projects done by more than 3,000 software developers in 76 countries.

Briefs: IBM Supports Unix

IBM Corp. agreed to have its AIX Unix operating system run Web server, directory server and other Internet applications developed by Sun Microsystems Inc. and Netscape Communications Corp., even though the Sun/Netscape iPlanet suite competes with IBM's own WebSphere e-commerce products. IBM made the move to keep e-commerce users in its RS/6000 installed base, said Brad Day, an analyst at Giga Information Group Inc. in Norwell, Massachusetts.

Shark Tank

LET'S PUSH-BROOM through the Y2K confetti and look at the stomped paper cups beneath.