Stories by Darren Pauli

IT managers ignore wireless at their peril

Wireless communication, once the domain of broadcasters and carriers, is now available everywhere we work, play, study, dine and drink coffee. These days wireless also seems to be equipped in every imaginable device, including toys made by the likes of Fisher Price. The technology can also be thanked for eliminating what was once the common eyesore of Ethernet cable carpets.

AFACT: iiNet stops spam, why not The Pirate Bay?

The copyright enforcement arm of a string of film studios has told a Federal Court hearing today that Internet service provider iiNet had authorised customers to download illegal movies partly by not “stopping” the infringements.

iiNet braces for AFACT appeal

Have you ever received a letter from your Internet provider for downloading something you shouldn’t have? Like a movie or an album?

Budde barney over NBN blowout

Telecommunications analyst, Paul Budde, has slammed comments by a rival consultant that the National Broadband Network (NBN) could cost in excess of $80 billion.

Report bombs Aussie broadband

Australia has bombed out to 50th spot in global broadband speeds and clocked an average Internet connection of 2.6Mbps, according to a new report from global content provider, Akamai.

Minors e-vote in faux federal election

Leaflets promoting electoral enrolment will hit every high school in the country as part of Google’s mock federal election for under 18s, launched today.

Climate activists ply hack and trade

While politicians continue to bicker about the establishment of an carbon emissions trading scheme, activist hackers have taken matters into their own hands smearing the European Climate Exchange web site with anti-cap and trade messages.

Tuckshops or technology? Schools choose under Lib plans

Schools will choose between technology and tuckshops under Coalition plans to axe the $2.1 billion computers-in-schools and $16.2 billion Building Education Revolution (BER) schemes, pending further policy announcements.

NBN: It’s not about iPads

The Federal Opposition’s reported plan to resurrect the OPEL wireless network is consumer-focused and will only delay the deployment of a fibre to the premise network, according to former member of the expert panel that evaluated bids under the abandoned fibre to the node tender process for the national broadband network (NBN).

NBN to get green light with Senate support

The Liberal Party's move to crush the National Broadband Network (NBN) has suffered a blow with the Greens pledging to support the legislation in the Senate and block a private sell-off.

Lib's e-health scrap risks "thousands of lives"

The Opposition’s pledge to crush the Government’s national e-health scheme will risk thousands of lives and waste millions in taxpayer funds, according to a former advisor to the scrapped Access Card.