Stories by Darren Pauli

CBA glitch stalls customer statement notifications

The Commonwealth Bank has apologised to customers after a computer malfunction prevented the notification of credit card statements from being emailed to account holders in the last week of February. The bank told affected customers in an email that they would be reimbursed for any fees or charges incurred as a result of the fault, which it blamed on a “one-time error”.

PC sales boom on Windows 7

Windows 7 led to a boom in PC sales towards the end of last year as consumer interest spiked after the successor to the unpopular Windows Vista operating system was released, according to research firm IDC.

Conroy silent on US internet filter knock

The Federal Government has remained quiet on alleged concerns raised by the US State Department on a proposal to install Internet content filters in Australia. Under the national mandatory filtering plan, ISPs would be required to install filtering technology to prohibit access to websites on a government-held blacklist.

BoM makes water data flow freely

The Bureau of Metrology has developed a new data standard which promises to eliminate the need to clean up hundreds of non-compliant forms on available water resources.

Friday Funny: lol - lots of love....?

I paid a visit to my partner working in a hospital over the weekend and couldn't help overhearing an amusing insight into how technology has created a confusing linguistic evolution. (What else can you do in a waiting room without a copy of CW?)

New Attorney-General could pass R18+ games

The election of South Australian backbencher Jon Rau as the state's Attorney-General has been hailed a breakthrough for higher classification reform for video games.

Qld govt tips $14M into phone taps

The Queensland government has tipped $14 million into wiretapping capabilities to support new phone interception powers handed to police last year.