Stories by Darren Pauli

UTS bags $1M in free software

The University of Technology has received more than $1 million in free financial software licences to be used by post-graduate finance students.

Atkinson's exit is no epic win for gamers

One of the country’s hardest violent video game critics, South Australian Attorney-General (AG), Michael Atkinson, has resigned to pave the way for new Labor blood.

Interview with online prankster, David Thorne

David Thorne doesn’t believe in sacred cows. But as a marketing designer, there are lines to be toed and defined boundaries of creativity. So he created the virtual playground [[xref:|27b/6]], where nothing and nobody is safe; co-workers, landlords, police officers and his son and his school’s “fat-headed” chancellor are sufficient comedic fodder. He blends merciless wit with shock humour and has won a bet that he can make a viral blog at a drop of a hat. He also has the word ‘SHEEP’ tattooed on his bicep.

NAB shares insights on building cool data centres

Ditch your regular servers for blades, consider tri-generation cooling and assess carbon costs over the long term. These are some of the recommendations that will be discussed by NAB’s data centre platform specialist, Glenn Allan, at CeBit’s upcoming <i> Future-Proofing Your Data Centre</i> conference in Sydney.

NSW gets world's largest Wi-Fi network

NSW will soon have the largest centrally-controlled wireless network in the world with Wi-Fi covering every school in the state, according to the NSW Department of Education and Training (DET).

The Internet receives Nobel prize nomination

The network that made possible the sale of messiah-inscribed toast and popularised videos of cats playing piano — the Internet — has been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize.

NZ Internet filter goes live

New Zealand’s opt-in Internet content filter has gone live today with a least two confirmed participating ISPs. The government-run and operated scheme was quietly turned on early last month as a soft launch.