Stories by Darren Pauli

IT and beer: A love story

Beer is the world’s oldest alcoholic beverage, and the favourite tipple of Australians. Captain Cook brought it with him as a means to preserve water, and his idea seems to have caught on — Australians globally are about the fourth or fifth most prolific beer-drinkers per capita, slugging back about 110 litres per person per year. And as it is to the art of [[artnid:347545|winemaking]], technology is integral to modern brewers.

In pictures: Microsoft Remix 2010

Love, love, love. The Redmound giant has plenty to give, and it is laying it on thick to groom Aussie web developers to use its platforms.

Phones could replay live sport, swap movies

Crowds will be able to replay live action at sporting events using their mobile phones, and literally lay their taste in entertainment on the table using Microsoft’s Surface tablet.

Time to change the locks

It is bad enough that a thousand hijacked computers can attack a network and take a business offline, but a security professional proved a single person can do the job.

How do they do IT? Vintage IT

Present at our most catalytic events, revered by many of the world’s religious orders, wine has buttered the tongues of warlords and dictators. Roman Caesars have gorged on it, medieval poets have sung about it and chemists have cured ailments with what was once an elixir, now a treasured beverage. And IT is changing the future flavour.

AusCert 2010: Wrap up

AusCERT is winding up and most of the vendors, delegates and journalists have gone. It was an enlightening experience. I've chewed the fat with security thinkers, cops and hackers, and picked a few locks and brains.