Stories by Darren Pauli

Driving data through certification

Just as a licence is required to drive a motor vehicle, certification is necessary for IT professionals to drive network infrastructure. It's all about having the right credentials for employers and clients. Darren Pauli reports.

Telcos bungle triple play bundles

Australian telcos are again lagging behind the rest of the world by not offering voice, data and video triple play bundles, according to industry analysts.

Federal government increases research grants to states

The federal government yesterday made available $365 million in funding to all states and territory governments for a host of projects including the creation of swimming microrobots, antivenoms from jellyfish and galactic mapping of distant eight billion year old universes.

Telstra's FttN a NoGoNetwork

Telstra is hiding behind its Next G Network to avoid improving much-needed, national, fixed broadband infrastructure, analysts say.

Fixed-to-mobile convergence still in distant future

Fixed-to-mobile convergence (FMC) might be the hottest topic in telco circles today, but analysts say that except for a few select enterprises most organizations will wait out the decade until it becomes feasible.