Stories by Darren Pauli

Zero Day Initiative marks one year anniversary

Network security vendor TippingPoint announced it has removed 30 zero day threats, is resolving 29, and has signed 400 security researchers to its Zero Day Initiative (ZDI) program.

Biosystems applies CRM to global network

Despite data collection forming the basis of the company's marketing campaigns, pharmaceutical research firm Applied Biosystems had no central database or CRM system in place.

MBF engages new call centre service

An effective call centre is critical to MBF Health Insurance because the private health care industry churns 50 percent of its customer base every three years, according to the insurer's project team leader Ilona Rabey.

Focus on Generation Y delivers for call centres

Call centres today are focusing on Generation Y's demands by leveraging online instant messaging (IM), performing courtesy calls, and routing specific callers to specialist representatives, according to Genesys senior vice president James Brooks.

G-force goes into action today

Nearly 800 delegates have registered for the seventh annual Genesys conference, G-Force AsiaPacific, which starts in Melbourne today.

For sale: your personal information

Organizations are inadvertently exposing sensitive information through the sale of used hard drives, despite increased security awareness, according to a new report.

Defence focuses on tactical information

A focus group has been formed by the Australian Defence Information and Electronic Systems Association (ADIESA) to act as a forum for discussion of Defence's tactical information.

SSA Global changes name

Business and financial management company SSA Global last week underwent an identity change, adopting the name of its new owner, Infor.