Stories by Darren Pauli

IBM initiates iSeries Tafe course

IBM wants to expand the local labour force available for its System i5 hardware line and increase the number of Tafe colleges offering classes on the mid-range technology.

Bot masters fool with Paris Hilton

Paris Hilton being exploited? It's hard to believe, but virus writers are becoming more sophisticated in their use of celebrities such as Paris Hilton to entice users to unknowingly install malware.

IT managers not ready to take SaaS plunge

While Software as a Service (SaaS) is heating up in Australia with more offerings coming to market, local IT managers are still reticent about taking the plunge.

Uni receives $415k of fee-free software

When the University of Newcastle canvassed vendors to replace its outdated database management programs, it didn't expect to receive $415,000 worth of free software licences.

Melbourne uni students practice virtual surgery

Students will use virtual reality to perform complex ear 'surgery' with new technology developed by the University of Melbourne, the CSIRO, and Perth-based medical technology company Medic Vision.

NSW businesses struggle to get a grip on IT

Outsourcing, telecommuting and e-mail dependence is on the rise while security expenditure is falling. NSW businesses are also struggling to retain IT staff, according to a report released this week.

R&D centre gets mobile

A $3 million software research and development centre has opened in Hobart to develop mobile applications.