Stories by Darren Pauli

Execs stressed to a point

Most professionals working in IT have, at some stage, been "PowerPointed" to death. But according to a new survey released yesterday, even those giving the presentations resent the entire process.

CEOs beg for change

Chief concerns for Australian CEOs in the medium term is managing structural change and identifying strategic partnerships, according to an IBM survey.

Future is 3G

Mobile data communication will dominate failing voice technology, according to a recent survey.

Vendors accused of compliance hype

The Credit Union Industry Association (CUIA) has slammed a report claiming a widespread lack in the sector of compliance with Basel II which takes effect January 1, 2008.

Retailers go shopping for staff

Static budgets and the increased adoption of outsourcing are slicing into the numbers in the retail industry's IT departments.

Vic Education maps out schools

The Victorian Department of Education has selected a Web-based solution to project long-term enrolment figures for its 1608 schools and plan locations.