Stories by Grant Gross

Groups criticize music DRM legislation

Consumer rights groups have voiced opposition to legislation introduced in the U.S. Congress last week that would require Internet broadcasters to deploy DRM (digital rights management) technology to prevent listeners from making unauthorized copies of music files.

Google expands search appliance functionality

Google will expand the functionality of its enterprise Search Appliance, allowing corporate users to tweak the results of internal searches by giving added weight to content from specific sources or formats.

US House member outlines agenda in Second Life

Sometimes, virtual life still takes a back seat to real life -- a briefing from U.S. Representative George Miller in the virtual world Second Life was delayed Thursday afternoon as Nancy Pelosi was sworn in as the first woman speaker of the House in real life.

Net neutrality advocates cheer AT&T concessions

Net neutrality advocates celebrated this week after AT&T Inc. said it would pledge to maintain a "neutral network" in exchange for U.S. government approval of its proposed acquisition of BellSouth Corp.

Samsung exec pleads guilty to DRAM price fixing

A top executive from Samsung Electronics will serve 10 months in prison and pay a US$250,000 (AUD$318,431) fine for his role in a global conspiracy to fix DRAM (dynamic RAM) prices, the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) announced.

Attributor completes new round of funding

Attributor, a company looking at new ways to provide DRM (digital rights management), is promising to release a technology that will scan the Internet for unauthorized uses of copyright digital media.

Court allows Web lawsuit against realtors

A U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) lawsuit alleging that the National Association of Realtors tried to hinder Web-based real-estate agents will move forward after a judge rejected the group's motion to dismiss the case.

SimCity goes mobile in the US

Electronic Arts (EA) has released a version of its addictive city simulation game for mobile phones, the company announced Tuesday.

CA sues to recover Kumar's legal fees

CA has filed a lawsuit to recover US$14.9 million in legal defense fees paid for Sanjay Kumar, its former chief executive officer, who was sentenced Nov. 2 to 12 years in prison on securities fraud-related charges.