Stories by Grant Gross

Owner of software piracy site sentenced

A U.S. judge has sentenced the owner of a Web site selling pirated software to six years in prison and ordered him to pay more than US$4.1 million in restitution, the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) said Friday.

Privacy group files FTC complaint against AOL

The World Privacy Forum has filed a U.S. Federal Trade Commission (FTC) complaint against AOL, saying the company violated its own privacy policy by releasing the search records from hundreds of thousands of its members.

Smart card vendors talk up privacy

A group of smart card and smart chip vendors are launching a campaign to talk up the security and privacy features of their products, even as researchers raise questions about their use in passports.

AOL acquires chat, IM vendor Userplane

AOL has acquired instant-messaging and chat software vendor Userplane, which has licensed its chat technology to more than 100,000 Web sites and online communities, AOL announced Monday.

Microsoft commits to new competition principles

Microsoft will commit to following the principles of its 2002 antitrust settlement with the U.S. government beyond its end in late 2007, and in some cases, the company will expand upon those requirements, a Microsoft executive said Wednesday.

Judge questions telecom merger agreements

A U.S. district court judge is questioning U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) approvals of two major telecommunications mergers since late 2005, saying he has "doubts" that the deals were in the public interest.

New VOIP-based phishing scam popping up

A new kind of identity theft scam, with thieves using easy-to-obtain VOIP (voice over Internet Protocol) telephone numbers to trick Internet or telephone users, is beginning to pop up, said a cybersecurity vendor.

Group forms RFID rules

Companies using radio frequency identification (RFID) tags on products should always tell their customers and make sure they know whether they can deactivate the tags, according to a set of best practices for RFID deployment proposed by a group of IT vendors, RFID users and consumer advocates.

US House panel approves net neutrality bill

A US House of Representatives committee has approved a bill that would prohibit broadband providers from blocking or impairing their customers' access to Web content offered by competitors.