Stories by Grant Gross

Bush releases final version of cybersecurity plan

The White House has released the final version of its first cybersecurity policy, which is heavy on requirements for the U.S. government but light on recommendations to private industry. Some cybersecurity companies asked, "What's next?"

MS at open source conference may cause protest

A group of free software advocates plan to protest at a Washington conference designed to promote open source and free software to governments because a representative from Microsoft Corp. is scheduled to speak there.

Red Hat gains US government certification

The U.S. Department of Defense Information Systems Agency has certified Linux company Red Hat Inc.'s Advanced Server operating system as a "Common Operating Environment," meaning the server product meets the agency's software security and interoperability specification.

Judge cuts off two appeals

The judge in the U.S. government's antitrust case against Microsoft has ruled that two attempts to appeal the case, including one from a consumer group, cannot move forward.

Internet group to consumers: Think security

A coalition of technology companies and others doing business on the Internet have released a list of nine steps they believe consumers and remote workers should take to protect themselves and keep their computers from being used as weapons on the Internet.

Appeals court puts hold on Java order

A U.S. federal appeals court on Monday stayed a judge's order requiring Microsoft to ship Sun Microsystems' Java technology with its Windows operating system and other products.

Tech giants: No government copy-control mandates

A coalition of technology company heavyweights and consumer groups have joined the chorus of voices calling for the U.S. government to stay away from mandating anti-copying schemes on computers.

Judge gives Microsoft 120 days to ship Java

A U.S. federal judge on Wednesday ruled that Microsoft Corp. has 120 days to begin shipping Sun Microsystems Inc.'s Java technology with its Windows PC operating system.

Judge denies MS bid to dismiss lawsuits

A federal court judge Friday denied Microsoft Corp.'s motions to dismiss the private antitrust lawsuits brought by Be Inc. and Inc., while delaying action on motions to dismiss seven Sun Microsystems Inc. antitrust claims.

Microsoft blames Sun for Java's woes

Microsoft's lawyers on Wednesday pecked away at Sun Microsystems Inc.'s claim that it needs a judge to level the Web services playing field, suggesting that Sun's actions -- rather than Microsoft's -- have affected Java's ability to compete.

Judge probes sides in Sun case against Microsoft

A federal judge in a Baltimore courtroom Tuesday peppered lawyers from both Microsoft and Sun Microsystems with probing questions as the two sides presented opening arguments in a pretrial hearing in Sun's private antitrust case against the software giant.