Stories by Cameron Crouch

Anti-hacker weapons debut at security confab

With the recent spate of viruses, hack attacks, and identity theft, cryptography and security has moved beyond the venue of mathematicians and technologists. But it's no less complicated.

The sound of Web music is a-changin'

As the five major record labels embrace online music subscription services, you can expect to soon pay a fee for digital downloads and streams just about anywhere online.

Sleek Palms gain expansion options

The simplicity and elegance of Palm.-connected organizers have made them the most popular personal digital assistants ever. But a growing number of PDA buyers are turning to feature-rich competitors--to Pocket PCs with glitzy multimedia, productivity software, and multiple connectivity options; or to Handspring Visors with their easy expandability via Springboard modules. Now Palm is fighting back with new models that add some of these features--in a package the size of the sleek, popular Palm V.

FunMail Animates Wireless E-Mail

-- It may be some time before you can watch video on your wireless handheld or phone, but animation may soon come to a mobile device near you.

Motorola Unveils Bluetooth Phone

Bluetooth, a short-range wireless radio technology for connecting devices, inches closer to reality with Motorola Inc.'s announcement of the Timeport 270, its first Bluetooth phone.

Toshiba Taps New 800-MHz Pentiums

Toshiba Corp. is expanding its low-end notebook line this week, as well as announcing build-to-order configurations that include Intel Corp.'s newly announced mobile Pentium III processors.

A Palm Inside a Motorola Phone

Palm Inc. and Motorola Inc. announced on Monday a plan to develop a phone that puts the heart of a Palm personal digital assistant inside a standard-size mobile phone. A truly conveninent convergence for travelers who could do with carrying one less device.

Toshiba Brings Bluetooth to Market

Bluetooth, the short-range wireless technology that connects devices, may finally be ready for prime time with the release next week of the Toshiba Bluetooth PC Card.

Data Loss Threatens Fast Windows Systems

A mysterious problem affecting certain high-speed systems running Windows Me and possibly Windows 98 could cause data loss at shutdown, PC World has learned. Microsoft insists that the problem doesn't relate to its operating systems but has nonetheless released patches to address the problem.

Windows Me's Leisurely Launch

Windows Me is here, but let's face it: This isn't an attention-grabbing, line-forming release a new Harry Potter book draws.
Newly available from computer stores and online retailers, Windows Millennium Edition is Microsoft Corp.'s long awaited update to its consumer operating system.

A Camera that Does It All

Convergence takes on a new meaning with the Ricoh Co. RDC-i700, a 3.34-megapixel digital camera that lets you e-mail, fax, and browse the Web.

Microsoft Crafts MSN Threat to AOL

Aimed squarely at America Online Inc., Microsoft Corp.'s second beta of its next-generation MSN wraps the MSN portal with a browser bow.