Stories by TechWorld staff

Sony Android, Vita SDK coming in November

Sony will offer software development kit for Android developers in November. The PlayStation Suite SDK will allow developers to create games for 'PlayStation Certified' devices.

NBN switches on in Brunswick -- but only 50 per cent sign up

The National Broadband Network (NBN) has finally made it to the big city, with the NBN this morning being switched on for the Melbourne suburb of Brunswick. The First Release area includes around 2700 households, but only 52 per cent have signed on for a lead-in to the fibre network, NBN Co has revealed. Fourteen customers have so far been hooked up.

Internet worth $50 billion to Australian economy in 2010

A report by Deloitte Access Economics pegs the direct contribution of the internet to Australia's economy at $50 billion in 2010 -- 3.5 per cent of Australia's GDP and just $3 billion short of retail and education/training.

ACCC issues warning on 'BigPond' remote access scam

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission's SCAMWatch has warned of a new remote access scam, with perpetrators impersonating Telstra or BigPond employees and requesting remote access to a mark's computer.

Apple kyboshes Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 Australian release

Samsung's Galaxy Tab 10.1 won't launch in Australia until a patent stoush with Apple is resolved. According to a Bloomberg report, a lawyer for Apple yesterday told Federal Court Justice Annabelle Bennett that Samsung's tablet infringes 10 patents held by Apple.

Aussie spooks give BlackBerry PlayBook thumbs up

The Defence Signals Directorate has certified the BlackBerry PlayBook for use by the government. The DSD stamp of approval now means government agencies can use the device for accessing data classified as 'protected' or 'restricted'.