Stories by Julian Bajkowski

Customs issues blunt warning over cargo system

The Australian Customs Service has dispensed with the niceties over the introduction of its $200 million Cargo Management Reengineering (CMR) system, warning users to sign up for digital certificates or watch their goods go nowhere in a hurry.

Beware of quick and easy wins

IT managers using low-hanging fruit, quick runs on the board and easy wins to sell the virtues of new technology deployments to management need to ensure they are not creating lemons in the process.

CBA IT staff relish life after Murray

Technology staff at the Commonwealth Bank (CBA) are ushering in the dawn of a new era in IT with the departure of their former CEO David Murray, Australia's harshest critic of technology's failings.

DIMIA systems get $600 million overhaul

Indelibly scarred by the all too human mistakes of its previous senior management, the Department of Immigration, Multiculturalism and Indigenous Affairs has rekindled its faith in information technology.

Cognos revs V8 on SOA

Twenty-year veteran of reporting and analytics Cognos has finally thrown in its lot with Web services and the SOA camp. It has replaced its existing suite of tools and applications with a full rebuild and a single, Web-architected application platform it hopes will see it right for the next decade.

Banks divided over biometrics

Australia's big four banks are a house divided over the introduction of biometrics identifiers to control fraud, with the National Australia Bank pouring cold water on the introduction of fingerprint identification for its customers.

No date yet for money laundering compliance

The federal government has refused to give the banking industry a firm date as to when bank IT systems must be compliant for anti money-laundering reporting legislation.

Rivals gloat as Siebel users left in the dark

If the merger between the world's leading CRM vendor Siebel and serial acquirer Oracle Corporation could reasonably be expected to produce a strategy giving customers comfort through communication, think again.

Zurich scores Daly as CIO

Former St George Bank operations and integration guru Mike Daly has made it over the line to secure the post of Australian CIO at Zurich Financial Services and will replace outgoing CIO Glen Hickey, who, the companysays, is returning to Melbourne.

Ex-Microsoft staffer testifies on Gates' alleged obscene outburst

The world's biggest software company, Microsoft, could find its reception in China, the world's most populous nation, that little bit frostier after a former employee testified in a Washington court that chairman Bill Gates said the Chinese people and its government had "f*****" his company.