Stories by Jim Duffy

Cisco invests in virtual networker

Following a high-level visit to France, Cisco this week invested in <a href="">6WIND</a>, a developer of packet processing software for virtual networks.

Enterprise disaggregation is inevitable

Back in March, the issue was raised whether disaggregation -- decoupling network software from hardware for choice and flexibility -- could play in the enterprise as well as the service provider realm.

Arista has a controller now too

<a href="">Arista Networks</a> this week unveiled what essentially is a centralized controller for its data center and cloud switches.

Enterprises lukewarm to SDNs

Even though service providers are well on their way with SDNs, enterprise adoption of the technology is slowed by a host of issues.

Microsoft needs SDN for Azure Cloud

SANTA CLARA <a href="">Microsoft's Azure</a> couldn't scale without SDN.

AT&T looking at white boxes as CPE

SANTA CLARA -- AT&amp;T is considering offering bare metal switches and servers to consumers as customer premises equipment for the carrier's services.

Cisco plans to embed security everywhere

Cisco this week announced a plan to embed security throughout the network -- from the data center out to endpoints, branch offices, and the cloud -- in an effort to avoid pervasive threats.