Stories by Jim Duffy

3Com Roundup

In an effort to get its renewed focus on small/midsize businesses, service providers and home networking off to a good start, 3Com Corp. last week announced a slew of acquisitions, investments, alliances and new products.

Cisco Raises its VoIP

Cisco Systems Inc. this week is expected to significantly expand its voice/data convergence portfolio with 10 new products, including some designed to scale LAN telephony environments to tens of thousands of users.

Nortel's Layer 3 switch still a moving target

Users hoping to see Nortel Networks' next-generation Layer 3 backbone switch this month will have to wait a little longer because the company has delayed delivery again. . . . This time until the second quarter.

3Com to reshuffle?

Having recently spun off part of its Palm operations, 3Com may have other significant restructuring plans in the works that could have a more dramatic effect on its enterprise customer base.

3Com Exits Enterprise Network Stage

In an effort to focus on new high-growth markets, 3Com Corp. is leaving the large enterprise LAN/WAN (local area network/wide area network) and analog modem businesses.

Big Changes Brewing for 3Com

Having recently spun off part of its Palm operations, 3Com Corp. may have other, more significant restructuring plans in the works.

IronBridge Hammers Out High-Speed Network Gear

As if enterprise customers haven't heard enough about terabit router startups and how their equipment will foster a new generation of data services . . . well, get ready to listen again.