Stories by Jim Duffy

Cisco to meld Ethernet, ATM Nets

Cisco this week will present enhancements to its high-end LAN switch that will let users more tightly integrate Ethernet and ATM environments into converged voice and data nets.

3Com to rely less on NICs, modems

On the heels of a better-than-expected fourth quarter, 3Com's stock price dropped almost 14 per cent last week after the company said that it will de-emphasise sales of low-margin, price-sensitive network interface cards and modems.

Cabletron's Benson resigns

Cabletron Systems announced on Friday that Craig Benson, its embattled chairman, president and CEO, has resigned from the company he co-founded in a New England garage almost 20 years ago.

Cabletron looks beyond enterprise networks

Cabletron Systems is set to extend beyond the boundaries of enterprise networks and into the service provider market, with an ambitious virtual private network (VPN) and voice-over-IP product launch.

Cisco pulls the plug on key WAN switch

Cisco Systems has quietly killed its prime offering for the core of enterprise and service provider WANs and has delayed delivery of another WAN switch by about a year.

Cisco to buy up middleware vendor

Cisco yesterday said it will buy middleware vendor Amteva Technologies, of Glen Allen, Virginia for $US170 million in cash and stock.

Cisco's voice plans lead to telephony throne

If Cisco has its way, users will have already bought their last PBXs. They will have begun migrating call processing to LAN servers, routers and switches, running voice over their data networks as if it were just another packet.

First Linux router appears

NBase-Xyplex this week will announce what analysts say is the first router based on the Linux operating system.

IP convergence? Not so fast

Don't throw that PBX away yet. Voice/data convergence is going to take a long, long time, say users at a 3Com convergence event here this week.

3Com's stock drops

3Com's stock dropped 12 per cent at the close of trading on Tuesday after the company announced it would not meet Wall Street expectations for its fiscal third quarter, which ended February 26.

Nortel unveils new management software

On February 8, Nortel Networks will unveil software that allows users to better integrate LAN and WAN management, and improve network service level monitoring.

Cisco to launch Catalyst 6000

In a move designed to enable users to build higher capacity gigabit backbones, and add voice to their switched LANs, Cisco Systems this week will launch a new switch family: the Catalyst 6000.