Stories by Ellen Cresswell

Ex-Pollies Go Online

Two former politicians have become board members of local Internet companies.

Andersen to help dot-coms for a cut

Andersen Consulting will take up to a 20 per cent equity stake in e-commerce startups under a three-year $US1.2 billion dot-com strategy.

Westpac joins outsourcing fray

Westpac plans to join its competitor, the Commonwealth Bank of Australia, in outsourcing its IT and telecommunications infrastructure.

Compaq Australia Turns Profit Despite Upheavals

In a tumultuous year that included being dumped by retailer Harvey Norman and the launch of its controversial retail strategy, Compaq Computer Corp. has posted positive local financial results.

Y2K: The final countdown

Australian enterprises are unperturbed by this week's Y2K failure of a swipe-card banking system in the UK, with major local corporations expecting a very quiet evening tonight.