Stories by Rodney Gedda

ABC completes first continuous media Web trial

The Australian Broadcasting Corporation has completed a proof-of-concept trial of CSIRO’s Continuous Media Web (CMWeb) application for integrating rich media content with searchable metadata.

IPv6 seen as a boon for IT support staff

Australian companies may be slow in transitioning to IPv6, but having more Automatic configuration features is a key benefit of the technology that will become more popular, said AARnet IPv6 working committee chair Michael Biber.

IBM 'improving' user relations

IBM customers are often left feeling like they are dealing with a giant, which is no fairytale for end-users seeking fast, flexible support.

Footy fans get enterprise reliability

With finals season upon us, footy fans will have real-time scores available over the Web thanks to the completion of a $150,000 server implementation.

Linux desktops no ‘silver bullet’: Telstra

It takes "guts and clear thinking" to deploy Linux on the desktop in a bid to reduce operating costs, Telstra's IT delivery solutions architect Fulvio Inserra told delegates at an open source conference in Sydney last week.

Open source not cheaper, Sun is dead: McIsaac

As long as cost-cutting dominates the IT landscape the rush by enterprises to seek out Linux and open source alternatives will continue, despite the fact it isn't any cheaper than proprietary software, Meta research director Dr Kevin McIsaac said last week.

MySQL to continue developing enterprise features

MySQL will continue to add more enterprise-class features to its eponymously branded open source database, but remains committed to it’s legion of “commodity” users, according Arjen Lentz, a technical writer and trainer with the company.

Mobility making its mark: Citrix

Enterprise-level mobile applications bring revenue and intangible benefits which need to be factored in before dismissing the technology as an expensive luxury, according to Citrix vice president and chief evangelist Traver Gruen-Kennedy.

Panasonic moves on enterprise market

Consumer electronics giant Panasonic has signalled its intention to move into the enterprise solutions market with the formation of Panasonic Business Systems Australia (PBSA).