Stories by Rodney Gedda

Publisher chooses Xserve over Windows, Linux servers

Torch Publishing, a newspaper and contract publishing company, has replaced its legacy file servers with Apple Xserves running OS X.
Kim Kohen, Torch’s group prepress and systems manager, said the migration was both an upgrade and an implementation of a more flexible platform.

Manufacturer shelves legacy system for ERP upgrade

Australian electronics manufacturer GPC Electronics has set its sights on international expansion, replacing a legacy material requirements planning system with a modular enterprise resource planning (ERP) implementation that will allow international customers to place orders online.

McNealy sees thin clients, open source as path to lower TCO

Sun has set its sights on companies facing the pressures of scalability, software licensing costs, and remote working requirements as targets for its thin client network computing model, according to Scott McNealy, president and CEO of the company.

School puts resilient networking to the test

A leading Victorian girls' school has successfully completed a beta trial of expandable resilient networking (XRN) technology in what is claimed to be the first such implementation in Australia.

Locking IT up

Enterprise security planning in Australia right now is a mixture of good and bad: there is concern about the ongoing use of independent solutions along with optimism about the direction policy decisions are taking.

Brisbane school first to taste 802.11a

Brisbane Boys' College has implemented 802.11a wireless networking across its seniors' campus becoming one of the first schools in Australia to use the nascent technology.

AirRoad cuts capex with SCM

Private transportation and logistics company AirRoad has saved an estimated 60 per cent on capital expenditure for distribution tracking equipment with a two-way, computer controlled supply chain management solution.

Biotech builds with blades

Australian biotechnology research and manufacturing company Proteome Systems has expanded its hardware infrastructure by integrating blade servers into its protein analysis platform.

Cisco centre radiates speed

Cisco opened a converged mobility centre in North Sydney on Thursday which will showcase the deployment of high speed, IP-based networking and highlight the vendor's 802.11a (54Mbps) and 802.11b (11Mbps)-compliant Aironet wireless access points.

Deloitte looks to VoIP for ROI

Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu will implement VoIP across its 13 site interstate office network in what the company estimates will pay for itself within 12 months of completion.

Syngenta sees success in modular CRM

Australian biotechnology and crop management company Syngenta has implemented a modular customer relationship management system to consolidate its business processes and help automate the company's highly distributed sales arm.

Qld uni bets on Alpha, for now

Central Queensland University has added another two AlphaServers to its existing 40 despite Hewlett-Packard's decision late last year to stop the platform's development.