Stories by Lincoln Spector

Share a High-Speed Net Connection--Wirelessly

Let's start with two assumptions: First, you have, or hope to get, a DSL or cable modem for broadband Internet access. Second, you have more than one PC in your home or small business, and they're not in the same room.

Minimize the Hazards of Trying Windows 2000

Want to try out Windows 2000, but afraid that it may render your computer unusable? PowerQuest Corp. utilities PartitionMagic and Drive Image help you experiment safely.

Get Insurance in an Instant

Shopping for insurance on the Internet probably isn't the most entertaining way to use the Web. But think of the benefits: At least you don't have to worry about the shipping charges.

Do You Really Need to Buy Utilities?

Some sources tell me that I need to buy third-party utilities, like those in Symantec Corp.'s Norton SystemWorks, to replace the ones that come with Windows. But others say I don't. Any thoughts?

CompUSA's Paid Support Goes Online

Many companies offer free technical support over the Internet these days. But with a service launched last week, CompUSA is charging for it. Is it worth the price? Only if you ignore the Internet and use the phone.

Privacy Policies Spread, but Privacy Doesn't, a company best known for its digital wallet, has released a report on the privacy policies of over 30,000 Web sites. The good news is that most of these sites have policies. The bad news is that these policies don't promise much.

PowerQuest Adds Win 2000, Linux Support

The arrival of a new operating system means updates from application vendors will soon follow. It's especially important to update certain utilities, and PowerQuest is ready with its hard drive management programs.

Give Your PC a Quick Physical

Just how healthy is your computer? Are the drives spinning as fast as they should? Is your video card up to par? Can hackers get to you on the Internet?

Get the Message on E-Mail Formats

Your e-mail program lets you format messages. Great! You prepare a message, using different colors to highlight the important information and just to make everything look nice. You send it off.

In Praise of Older Software

My job requires me to be familiar with the latest software; I even keep a separate computer to test new programs. But on my main computer--the one I use to write articles, read e-mail, and track expenses--I run Quicken 98, Office 97, Sidekick 95, and America Online Inc. 4.0. And that's all running on the original (pre-SE) version of Microsoft Corp.'s Windows 98.

Show Off Your Web Links

You have a great collection of Web links. So good, in fact, that you're just dying to share them with your friends and colleagues. How do you manage that?

Web-Enabled Cars: Drive to Disaster?

You may consider wireless technology a key to your success. After all, it helps you be more productive: you can even check e-mail do research online while you're driving. But while ubiquitous Net access may help you get ahead at work, many consider surfing behind the wheel a serious safety hazard.

Protect Yourself Against Catastrophic Installs

Installing software is dangerous. Every time you put another program onto your system, you run the risk of breaking something that's already there. And uninstalling a new app doesn't always fix a troublesome installation, because uninstall routines seldom do their job completely. So how do you install new software without risking disaster?

BuzMe Beats a Second Phone Line

If you make heavy use of your modem and have only one phone line, you know the problem: When you're online, nobody can call you. One answer is a second phone line. But you have a free alternative in