Stories by Tim Greene

Sonus boosts softswitch density

Sonus Networks Monday announced enhancements to its GSX9000 media gateway/softswitch combination that enable the product to handle more than twice as many voice calls as before.

ANX gives VPN access to roaming users

ANXeBusiness Corp., the virtual private network-based e-commerce network, is offering an addition to its current IPSec VPN services that enable roaming users to connect securely to an ANX VPN.

Vendors cover their bases

Vendors grappling with each other Tuesday during a forum at ComNet 2002 acknowledged there is no one right answer for enterprises looking to outsource their VPN services.

Metro Ethernet could pay off for RBOCs

Users can soon expect affordable metro Ethernet services from their traditional local carriers, if an economic model presented by an industry analyst recently turns out to be true.


A debate at the Next Generation Networks conference in Boston last week, pitted IPSec (Internet Protocol Security) VPNs (virtual private networks) based on equipment placed at each network site, against network-based Multi-protocol Label Switching (MPLS) VPNs that sort traffic into discrete customer streams within a service provider's network.

Neoteris secures LAN access with SSL

Start-up Neoteris Inc. is parlaying Web-browser technology that protects online credit card sales into a simple, secure way for employees and business partners to access your network.

Qwest first with voice softswitch

Qwest Communications International Inc. is the first regional Bell operating company (RBOC) to use a softswitch to carry voice traffic on its data network.

Fiber future plans

There is a fiber glut. There's scads and scads of unlit optical strands sitting idle, waiting to be loaded up with a seemingly infinite number of wavelengths, with each individual wavelength carrying an ever greater amount of traffic.

OpenReach reaches for large enterprises

OpenReach Inc., a VPN-overlay network vendor that specialized in services for small enterprises, now says its offerings are suited for large enterprises as well.