Stories by Tim Greene

General-purpose VPN hardware suffices for most

Enterprise customers might not need custom hardware to support all the sites on their VPNs (virtual private networks), especially if those sites have dedicated Internet connections that are T-1 or smaller.

StarVox touts VoIP VPN plaftorm

StarVox Inc., a 3-year-old company that started life making gear to extend PBX functions to remote sites, is focused now on bringing voice over IP to public phone networks.

CopperCom gear meets ATM standard

CopperCom Inc. says it has adopted a new ATM standard that will make it easier for DSL service providers to wheel out packaged voice and data services.

ISPSoft can provision across hardware

Start-up ISPSoft Inc. is introducing provisioning software that handles the configuration of multiple vendors' equipment employed in a single IP service.

Need dial-up VPN? Look to Win 2000

If you're building a dial-up VPN so workers in home offices or small offices can connect to the company headquarters, you might want to consider using the VPN capabilities of Windows 2000 as a way to save money and time.

Vendors grapple with security threats, each other

Enterprises should be more wary than ever, a panel of security vendors Tuesday told a crowd at the Network World Security Showdown at ComNet. While enterprises are opening up their networks to admit legitimate business partners, at the same time attackers are becoming more sophisticated, warned the experts.

Cisco Pushes Broadband Aggregation Up and Down

Cisco Systems has pushed up the high end and pushed down the low end of its broadband aggregation gear that lets service providers support DSL, cable modem and other high-speed access services.