Stories by Tim Greene

Early Adopters Saving with Voice over DSL

It's easy to see why James Knudson likes voice over DSL. His Covina, California, law firm buys voice-over-DSL service from mPower Communications that supports four phones and Internet access on a 768K-bps DSL connection for about US$300 per month.

Supercomm: Not Just for Carriers Anymore

- With the blurring of the line between enterprise and public networks, the SuperComm 2000 show next week will be a must-watch for corporations. This year, the traditionally carrier-focused show will go out of its way to highlight products and services for corporate networks.

US West Promises Free Future Upgrades

US West Inc. says it can deliver data services for teleworkers to 95% of customers in its territory as long as they are willing to wait for some of the faster options.

US West to Push DSL Nationwide

US West Inc. is set to launch expanded digital subscriber line services outside its home territory, giving customers a new and potent option for buying DSL services.

VPN Vendor Pushes Public-Key infrastructure

Indus River Networks Inc. is showing customers how to implement digital certificate authentication and public-key infrastructure (PKI) in virtual private networks (VPN) that were set up using other authentication schemes.