Stories by Tim Greene

Startup Bolsters Edge of Optical Networks

Sirocco Systems is developing optical network gear to intelligently sort data from customer networks and efficiently feed it into carrier's high-speed optical core networks.

DWDM Not Just For Carriers Anymore

The University of Texas will use dense wave division multiplexing (DWDM) technology, mainly used in carrier networks, to solve a looming bandwidth problem between two of the school's campuses.

Voice Over DSL Talk of the Town

If demonstrations from last week's DSLCon show are carried over into the real world, corporate customers will be able to turn common phone lines into high-speed voice-data circuits with ease by year-end.

Verizon: New Name in Wireless

Bell Atlantic Mobile and Vodafone AirTouch PLC have combined to launch Verizon Wireless, a separate joint venture offering cellular, paging and PCS services that will spend US$3 billion this year on network upgrades.

Bell to Add Broadband Wireless

Bell Atlantic Corp. admits that if you want to sell low-cost, high-bandwidth services to everyone, you can't rely solely on digital subscriber line.

DSL Vendors Look to Extend Service Reach

This week, the premiere DSL show of the year will feature products from a host of vendors looking to address one of the knottiest problems facing companies trying to build far-flung DSL networks - lack of service availability.

New Software Eases VPN Administration

VPNet Technologies Inc. has overhauled its management, remote-client and operating system software to ease the administration and use of virtual private networks (VPN).

Handheld Device Mgmt. Help on Tap From Xcellenet

You probably haven't heard much about Xcellenet lately, but they are back and trying to solve a looming network problem: management and security of personal digital assistants (PDA) and other handheld devices accessing the enterprise network.

The Scoop: The Ins and Outs of Voice Over DSL

With voice-over-DSL technology, carriers can provide impressive multiple-channel voice and broadband data services running simultaneously on a regular phone line - but they can't do it with any old DSL.

CLECs Exploit Innovation in Race Against RBOCs

When competitive local exchange carriers compete, they don't always do it the old-fashioned way. These upstart carriers that challenge the regional Bell operating companies look to the latest technologies to build networks. Cost is the main reason. The new equipment also supports services that traditional carriers just can't offer, or lets the CLECs offer services at prices RBOCs can't beat.

Finding Cash in Bad Bills

Remember that satellite office your company shut down six months ago, the one with T-1 access to headquarters? You canceled that T-1, so you no longer pay for it, right?

Gabriel Network Promises Lower Costs

Gabriel Communications Inc. started offering voice, Internet access and virtual private network services in 1998 so its customers could get one bill from one provider.