Stories by Tim Greene

New Wave Rolls Over Metro Fiber Nets

Announcements expected at the Optical Fiber Conference 2000 this week indicate it may be time to think about Gigabit Ethernet services between campus sites in the same metropolitan area.

Bells Are Bulking Up On E-commerce Services

When it comes to e-business, local phone companies are rushing to set up online marketplaces for corporate customers who don't have the time, resources or inclination to learn the technology and set them up for themselves.

RapidStream Pitches All-in-One Security Device

Startup RapidStream Inc. is making a box that combines the features of traditional firewalls, policy managers and encryption gear in a single device that promises to deliver higher throughput than the individual devices.

Network Vendors Gobble Each Other Up

More than $12 billion worth of acquisitions were announced last week by a slew of network companies, continuing a trend that shows no sign of stopping soon.

Qwest Jumps Into VPN Fray With CoSine Buy

By year-end, users will be able to turn to Qwest Communications International Inc. for all things VPN, including services that take the hassles out of setting up secure Internet-based networks and drastically reduce capital costs.

Nokia Buys VPN Gear With Network Alchemy

Nokia Corp. will soon be the proud owner of virtual private network vendor Network Alchemy Inc. and has big plans for the startup's technology that go far beyond VPNs.

Mayan to Streamline Optical Networks

Mayan Networks Corp. wants to take the complexity out of optical networks. Specifically, the company wants to remove digital cross-connects, frame relay switches, ATM switches and SONET add-drop multiplexers from service provider metropolitan-area networks.

BellSouth, Allies to Offer IP Services

BellSouth Corp. is teaming with two other service providers to prepare large customers for selling on the Web and for setting up Internet-based communications among business partners.

Voice-Over-DSL Turns Heads at ComNet

If digital subscriber line gear introduced at ComNet 2000 last week is any indication, inexpensive voice-over-DSL services should be coming soon to a service provider near you.

ADC Repeater Doubles Distance of HDSL2 Modem

ADC Telecommunications is doubling the distance its two-wire, high-bit-rate digital subscriber line technology can reach, which will enable more customers to get HDSL2 services.