Stories by Tim Greene

Securing WLANs still a hit or miss proposition

Securing wireless LANs is a growing challenge with no easy solutions. The need to spend time, money and staff to beef up security is hobbling the technology, even so customers still spent US$1.68 billion on wireless gear in 2002 and are expected to spend US$2.72 billion by 2006, according to Infonetics Research Inc.

BoostWorks buys Streamcore

BoostWorks Inc. is acquiring a French traffic-shaping company with the aim of adding its technology to BoostWorks’ Internet compression gear.

Sonus untethers media gateway

Sonus Networks is adding wireless support to its packet voice gateway in an effort to expand the market for the product.

COMNET - Web services showdown

Web services aren't fully cooked yet, but they are getting there, according to a panel of vendors participating in a debate on the topic at ComNet.

Check Point's CEO tackles security issues

Check Point Software Technologies Ltd. needs this quarter to be its biggest in years for revenue if it hopes to match last year's revenue figure of US$528 million. The company also is in the midst of a slide in its stock prices from a high of about $50 per share to a low of $10.37. This, despite claims by potential customers of the firewall/VPN vendor that security has higher priority now more than ever. The company also reported results of a test it commissioned that found that its gear - surprise - outperformed similarly priced gear from competitors Cisco and NetScreen Technologies. Check Point Chairman and CEO Gil Schwed recently discussed these developments and others with Tim Greene.

Evaluating VPN security alternatives

Users looking for a fast, secure way to link remote employees and business partners are finding myriad choices to avoid deploying traditional IP Security-based VPNs and instead install products or services based on Secure Sockets Layer technology.

Users weigh pros and cons of VoIP

Voice over IP might be the wave of the future, but network executives speaking at last week's Voice on the Net 2002 conference made clear that the technology's present is still fraught with doubts.

Marconi multiservice switch supports OC-192 ATM

Marconi Corp. PLC this week rolled out a 10G bit/sec ATM card for its BXR 48000 multiservice switch router, enabling users to prolong the life of their current ATM core networks before transitioning to IP/Multi-protocol Label Switching networks.