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In Pictures: Forget iPhone 5 - 10 top alternatives to Apple

You may have heard: Apple just unveiled a shiny new iPhone, the iPhone 5. But there's so much more to the smartphone world than just iPhones. Here's a list of 10 of the best currently available or coming-soon smartphones to make you forget all about Apple.

SDN bandwagon rolls ahead

Cisco, Brocade, Dell among others have jumped on board and look to ride the wave that is software defined networking. This despite experts' assertions that SDNs threaten Cisco's dominance in the tech industry.

U.S. infrastructure vulnerable to attack

If it is left to the politicians, the door to the nation's utilities might be left open. Almost telling terrorists, like in those motel commercials, "We'll leave the light on for you."

The state of network security

Network security is still as necessary as it was 15 years ago when the Black Hat Conference was first beginning. Sure the players have changed and the sophistication, but it is a classic good vs. evil scenario still.

Deep dive into Office 2013

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer made an off-handed remark in calling Office 2013 "magical," a comment often cited of Apple products. But this time around it seems Microsoft got some stuff right, according to testers.

Tech execs earn how much?

Be honest, you salivate when you see those stories about mega rich people. You are a bit envious, definitely jealous but then say to yourself that you must have a better quality of life than that millionaire. Anything to rationalize the situation.

Google unveils 7-inch tablet, new Android version

Google today announced its first tablet product, the Nexus 7, fitted with a powerful quadcore processor and specifically designed to work with the expanding Google Play, the online media and apps site.

Microsoft scratches the tablet Surface

Somehow in this day of insider rumors being leaked out, Microsoft kept its latest creation under wraps until just before its Surface tablet was announced. Remarkable in this day.

Is Cisco getting squeezed by SDNs?

The latest buzzword in the tech industry is undoubtedly software-defined networking. SDNs are touted as being able to extend virtual LANs, create security zones as well as establish Bring Your Own Device policies.

Global economic woes slow IT spending

IT budgets are expected to increase an average of only 3 percent this year, down from 6 percent reported last year, according to CIOmagazine’s latest Tech Poll of 200 IT leaders. The survey, conducted in April, showed that budget increases are in store for nearly half of CIOs, up from 32 percent roughly 9 months ago. Just one in five CIOs anticipate IT budget cuts. There is also a big shift underway in terms of where IT spending is being targeted. CIOs are increasing spending on outsourced IT services, including cloud, plus mobile/wireless and applications. To see the full survey results, register here.