Stories by Tim Lohman

Green room: Carbon diem

After months of speculation, details of the Federal Government’s carbon tax have finally emerged and now industry, consumers, politicians and lobby groups are in the thick of debating its costs and consequences.

State governments move to secure .sydney, .melbourne domains

The NSW and Victorian governments have moved to begin securing new generic Top Level Domains (gTLD) including .sydney, .melbourne and.victoria ahead of the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) opening up applications in less than three months’ time.

Hacktivism: The fallout from Anonymous and LulzSec Part 1

Like the mutant offspring of Captain Jack Sparrow and French anarchist Pierre Proudhon — famous for his ‘property is theft’ claim — activist hacking group LulzSec surfed the Web spreading debonair charm, chaos and reckless acts of ‘hacktivism’ in equal measure.

OpenWorld 2011: v Oracle smackdown

The tit for tat going on between Oracle chief Larry Ellison and’s Mark Benioff has continued with Benioff sledging both Ellison and his push for mega appliances, instead of commodity hardware, to power the Cloud.

OpenWorld 2011: Infosys seeks high-value IT work

Infosys chief S.D. Shibulal has signaled his intention to add more Australian customers to its books as the Indian outsourcing company moves into a period of expansion into higher-value consulting and systems integration work.

OpenWorld 2011: Big Red apps coming to iPad and Android

In a clear sign of the influence consumer mobile devices are having in the enterprise Oracle has flagged that it plans to make available iPad- and Android-compatible versions of its traditional ERP and CRM suites as well as its latest Fusion apps.

OpenWorld 2011: Coopers upgrades to JDE 9

In the competitive world of beer brewing responding to the complex demands of major retailers, distributors and pubs can be just a big a challenge as nailing the perfect blend of malt, hops, water and yeast.