Stories by Tim Lohman

Want cloud success? Look for cloud failures

CIOs looking to find a reliable cloud provider should seek one whose service has already fallen over, according to Dan Foody, vice president at Web services management provider Progress Actional.

RailCorp CIO stood down

RailCorp CIO Vicki Coleman is understood to have been stood down following allegations of corruption against her.

Defence to spend $700m on ICT reform

Less than half of the annual $1.2 billion spent by Defence on its ICT is visible to its chief information officer, Greg Farr, a new report has revealed.

ACCC approves Voda-Hutch merger

Following a three month investigation, the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) has given the greenlight for the merger of Vodafone and Hutchinson to go ahead.

EBay defends online ticket resales

EBay has defended its policies on the reselling of event tickets on its site following the mass posting of AC/DC tickets on its site just hours after the tickets went on sale, and promptly sold out, yesterday.