Stories by Tom Henderson

Deep into Munich's Linux F/OSS migration

The city of Munich got more media attention than respect after it decided on a migration to Linux and open source software on the desktop. After a careful and deliberately open movement towards deciding its IT future, Munich was slammed in the media, then became a target for Microsoft negotiators and a project at risk from a proposed European move to U.S.-style software patents.

Open source additions enhance UnixWare

With the newest release of The SCO Group's UnixWare, it could be said that this variety of Unix is starting to look a lot more like Linux -- even if SCO lawyers pulled the Linux Kernel Personality modules from the operating system during the course of our testing last month.

Tools to watch your airwaves

Like a blind date, wireless LANs can seem attractive and compelling on the surface, but looks can be deceiving... as these tools reveal.

Product review: Teaching server NICs to work together

Under normal circumstances, adding network interface cards to servers doesn't increase throughput or reliability because TCP/IP wasn't designed with NIC clustering capabilities in mind. Even if multiple server NICs have the same IP address, workstations tend to gravitate toward one, often the NIC with the lowest media access control (MAC) address.
We found two products that help alleviate the problem.