Stories by Michael Crawford

Break-in leaves shelter barking mad

A computer hard drive containing 7500 membership details and donor lists has been stolen from the RSPCA's Yagoona branch in south-western Sydney.

Stack and store

The number one priority for IT managers when considering storage solutions can be summed up in one word: disaster and the way it relates to prevention, recovery, risk and security. How to best prepare data to survive an apocalypse is the storage issue that keeps IT managers awake at night. With Michael Crawford

Outsourced security good for ROI

Stretched in-house resources are driving the uptake of managed security services but one IT security provider warns the local market is still a bit like the Wild West.

Coonan retains IT ministry

Senator Helen Coonan has retained the Information Technology, Communications and Arts portfolio amidst speculation the Liberal government would replace her position with Finance Minister Nick Minchin.

More Telstra jobs head offshore

Telstra has announced plans to outsource what could potentially be 400 jobs in the applications, development and billing services division through Electronic Data Systems (EDS).

Vodafone rolls out virtual staff

Vodafone has introduced its latest voice recognition software and created its persona to match its pre-paid customers' stereotype ideal.
'Her' name is Lara, a 28-year-old brunette with a penchant for popular music. And naturally, she is single. Very single.

Hospital VoIP project strikes hang ups

Newcastle Private Hospital has installed a converged VoIP network across two sites to offer voice, video and data communications via fixed line and wireless LAN.

Business sees IT as too slow, inflexible

IT managers are struggling with negative business perceptions that IT is too slow and inflexible to support a fast-moving and changing environment, according to IDC storage research director Graham Penn.

Data security rates high in offshore selection

Code theft and other recent security breaches at popular outsourcing destinations such as India has turned a spotlight on selecting the best offshoring destinations to ensure high levels of data protection.

CIO debate gets a dose of reality

Recently compiled salary research has added a dose of reality to media reports spruiking the million-dollar salaries paid to Australia's most prominent CIOs.