Stories by Michael Crawford

Customs and EDS extend outsourcing deal

In an announcement that has been foreshadowed for months, the Australian Customs Service today confirmed it has extended its outsourcing agreement with EDS by more than two years.

DSI announces MD for Asia Pacific

Data Systems International has announced Mark Delzoppo as Managing Director for the Asia Paicifc region. Delzoppo, previously director of operations, will begin the role from December this year and takes the helm vacated by John Martens, who held the MD position for the last five years.

Brisbane lab meets RSA's global market

The RSA laboratory in the outskirts of Brisbane are as much an ambassador for Australian/American relations as they are a hardcore cryptographic centre.

Framework puts focus on best practice

ITIL (IT infrastructure library) aims to make the impossible possible by transforming IT from a black art to a digestible business process via a best practice framework. Computerworld's Michael Crawford reports on the latest in service delivery showcased at the IT Service Management Forum (itSMF) in Melbourne last week.

Unisys moves on retail aspirations

Unisys plans to offer a "vendor wholistic" approach to retail, point-of-sale and supply chain management through the release of its newly-branded SUREfire application.

Finance union wants call centre standards

Research conducted by Australia's Financial Services Union shows that up to 15 percent of jobs in the banking industry will be offshored by 2008, which equates to 50,000 local jobs.

Offshoring profits lure banking industry

While Australia's largest banks are busy reviewing their call centre operations to identify areas that can be moved offshore, Suncorp has hit out at the local financial services industry accusing it of disregarding customer service levels in favour of profits.

It's official: 2004 is year of the virus

It is officially the year of the virus, with a 21 percent increase in new viruses discovered in Australia in the first six months of 2004 compared to the last year.

Tooling up

None but the smallest of companies can operate today without a fully functioning network, the nature of which – with telecomms in the mix – is changing. Michael Crawford looks at the options

Job demand has a 90s feel

The IT industry looks set to return to the powerhouse it was in the late nineties, with demand for sales reps, analysts and business development managers expected to go through the roof globally.