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IPv6 is a go for has switched on IPv6, saying it’s first Australian retailer to be configured and compliant with the new IP addressing system.

Five tips to prepare your data centre for the carbon tax

With the carbon tax set to take effect July 1, data centre owners and end users shouldn’t wait to make their operations more efficient, according to industry officials and analysts. Here are five of their top tips for taking control of power usage and reducing a business’s tax.

AARNet switches on IPv6 for videoconferencing

Australia’s Academic and Research Network turned on access to IPv6-powered videoconferencing services and plans to participate in a IPv6 videoconference tonight on World IPv6 Day, AARNet said.

Two per cent of Internode customers connect via IPv6

Internode doubled its World IPv6 Day goal for connecting customers with the new IP addressing system, the company has revealed. The broadband company said it’s using IPv6 to deliver Internet access to more than two per cent of its customers. It had set a goal of one per cent.

Ovum analyst sees more IPv6 demand this year

Customer demand, not IP address exhaustion, should spur IPv6 adoption this year, Ovum analyst Mike Sapien said. Heading into World IPv6 Day on Wednesday, the analyst told Computerworld he’s noticed much more interest among customers this year than he did during the one-off "industry party" he saw at last year’s event.

Australia behind Azerbaijan going into World IPv6 Day, ISOC president says

Australia lags far behind major Asian nations in IPv6 adoption heading into this year’s World IPv6 Day on Wednesday, Internet Society of Australia president Narelle Clark told Computerworld. However, Internet Industry Association Director John Lindsay said he doesn’t see an immediate crisis for the country.

More than 25% of Australia are IP pirates, IPAF says

More than a quarter of Australians illegally stream or download protected intellectual property and 37 per cent have stolen content now or in the past, the Intellectual Property Awareness Foundation said in a new study.