Stories by John Ribeiro

Amazon cooking up search, Web products in India has pulled back the curtain on its new development center in Bangalore, India to reveal it is focused on developing technologies in the area of search and Web services, according to an executive of the company.

Terrorists targeted India's outsourcing industry

India's software and services outsourcing industry is a likely target for a terrorist group operating in the country, local police warned on Sunday. But Indian outsourcing and software companies said they are prepared to cope with the threat.

Startup's chip integrates wireless, wired networks

SiNett's recently released unified access chip for integrated wireless and wired networks can improve performance, manageability and cost of ownership of such networks for enterprise users, according to a company executive. The company, however, may encounter competition from vendors that are trying to achieve the same goal, but with different methods, analysts say.

Bell Labs grapples with VOIP, open source

Voice over IP (VOIP) and open source technology hold great promise for cost savings, but also threaten traditional ways of doing business. Rather than shy away from the challenges that these disruptive technologies represent, Bell Laboratories, the renowned R&D (research and development) arm of Lucent Technologies Inc. in Murray Hill, New Jersey, is attempting to bring them into the mainstream.

Experts criticize arrest of CEO

Industry organisations and legal experts are criticizing the Friday arrest of the chief executive officer of eBay subsidiary India in connection with the sale of a pornographic video CD (VCD) on the Indian portal site.

CEO of eBay-owned India auction site arrested

Delhi police Friday arrested Avnish Bajaj, the chief executive officer of India, an eBay owned Indian online auction portal, for allegedly allowing the sale of pornographic video CDs (VCDs) that showed two Delhi minors in a sexual act.

Sun executive reveals NAS strategy

Sun Microsystems plans to beef up its NAS (network-attached storage) product line with support for utility computing and its new zettabyte file system (ZFS), according to an executive of the company's network storage products group.

SAP expands offshore to cater to growth markets

SAP plans to more than double the number of staff at its software development centers in Bangalore, India, and Shanghai by 2006, and is also considering setting up a new development center in Eastern Europe, according to a company executive.

Barrett: Good business models vary widely

Peer-to-peer (P2P) sharing would never have gathered momentum if the music industry had adopted models for distribution over the Internet, said Intel Chief Executive Officer Craig Barrett, addressing IT executives in India Friday.

Intel spends $40M on India design unit

Intel is investing US$40 million over the next two years to expand its development center in Bangalore, the company said Friday. Intel has invested a similar amount on the facility since January last year.

Tasman brings network services to routers

Router maker Tasman Networks's next generation of products will incorporate features that are typically available on network appliances, according to a company executive. As these functions are integrated into the router, the company sees an opportunity to also develop software that simplifies user set up and configuration of both the router and the new services.

Rat Hat Enterprise Linux 4 to support Indian languages

Red Hat's Enterprise Linux 4 products, scheduled for release early next year, will support five Indian languages, reflecting the growing importance of the Indian market, according to an executive of the Raleigh, North Carolina-based Linux company.