Stories by Matt Hamblen

Compaq, One Year Later

Compaq Computer Corp. has successfully weathered the storms of the past year, but some gray skies still linger for the $40 billion computer giant, according to a new Computerworld poll and interviews with users and analysts.

Users Becoming Positive on Wireless Net E-Services

There's little question that the infant wireless Internet market is poised for growth, in both serving U.S. companies trying to reach their customers and connecting mobile workers to corporate data.

AT&T Names New Wireless Chief

AT&T Corp. announced the replacement of its Wireless Services CEO today, which analysts called another in a progression of departures of top executive talent at the nation's phone companies.

Online Costs Hit Toys R Us Earnings

A $64 million charge to set up and operate in the fourth quarter helped lower earnings below analyst projections for the giant toy retailer.

Dell Finds Possible Memory Problems in Laptops

Dell Computer Corp. in Round Rock, Texas, says certain laptop computers sold between Feb. 1 and Nov. 30 last year may have flawed memory modules that can cause data to be lost or corrupted.

Packages Hit Wireless Market

Building wireless data links to customers or employers has usually meant piecing together various products from many different vendors as a do-it-yourself project.

Wireless 2000 Kicks Off

The Wireless 2000 conference kicked off here yesterday with broad promises from technology leaders about wireless access to data from handheld devices and smart phones.

Pocket PC May Help MS Gain Handheld Market Share

Some analysts say they expect the new Pocket PC handheld operating system from Microsoft Corp., previewed at the CeBit show in Hannover, Germany, this week, will help cut into Palm Inc.'s 80% market share.

Wireless Meets Web

The cellular phone collides with the Web at Wireless 2000 in New Orleans next week.

Pocket PC Handhelds to Include IE Browser

When Pocket PC handhelds hit the streets later this spring they will include a complete Internet Explorer browser and Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) security protection, a Microsoft Corp. official said today.

Users Like Keyboard, Security in New Palms

Palm Inc. released its first color-screen handheld, the Palm IIIc, today. But corporate users are expected to show more interest in another handheld computer debuting today, the Palm IIIxe, with its new security and user functions and even an add-on portable keyboard.