Stories by Matt Hamblen

US West, Global Crossing to merge in stock swap

The latest megamerger in the telecommunications industry promises to offer more voice- and data-network service options and perhaps more responsive service for large business customers, analysts said.

Hughes to launch high-speed satellite data network

Hughes Electronics in El Segundo, California, on Wednesday announced plans to spend $US1.4 billion for the first phase of a global satellite data network that will begin operations in North America in 2002.

Vendors still fixing Y2K bugs

Manufacturers are still discovering year 2000 problems with existing software and hardware products, according to the Infoliant Corp.

US Year 2000 phone service will be OK

A group of the largest local telephone companies in the US on Wednesday said phone call processing is expected to continue without major disruption when the year 2000 arrives.

Naval school chooses ATM for training

Two years ago, the US Naval Postgraduate School (NPS) in Monterey, California, ran a data network that sometimes crashed three times a day for hours at a time.

Convergence is no slam-dunk

Jumping on the convergence bandwagon may not be as easy, or as automatically beneficial, as it sounds, users and analysts said last week.

Wireless venture targets mobile users

Network managers said a Microsoft/Qualcomm wireless network access business could work in corporate settings - if it can be guaranteed to be secure and reliable.

Get tough on carriers

With carrier prices for voice and data services dropping, now is the time for corporate network managers to get tough at the bargaining table to save millions of dollars on multiyear contracts.

Magaziner will quit White House post

Ira Magaziner, the sometimes controversial adviser to President Clinton on health care and Internet policy, plans to resign before the end of the year, aides said this week.

Keeping Tabs on Year 2000 Globally

A new international council and Web site will help multinational companies find gaps in the year 2000 readiness of up to 200 countries and the critical utilities within their borders.

Merrill Lynch Report Surveys Y2K Readiness

In a new report that aims to help investors judge the year 2000 readiness of 3,800 public companies around the globe, analysts at Merrill Lynch & Co. put only 13 in the categories of "less likely" or "unlikely" to be ready for year 2000.