Stories by Marc Songini

Seagull Lets Handheld Users Tap Legacy Apps

Web software maker Seagull Software Systems Inc. wants to let wireless users access mainframe or AS/400 server resources without having to rewrite legacy host applications.

Mainframe Linux to get management boost

IBM, Computer Associates International and BMC Software will announce products this week that should help customers manage Linux applications on mainframes.

Service Lets Users Stress-Test Web Sites

To make sure your Web site's maiden voyage doesn't have a Titanic-like ending, conducting a dry run makes sense. However, this can be expensive to do in-house, requiring special software and servers as well as personnel who can simulate the activity of hundreds or thousands of end users accessing your Web site.

IBM continues its big iron Linux push

On Monday, IBM executives detailed plans to make the installation of copies of the Linux operating system on S/390 machines easier for nonmainframe personnel, as well as less expensive. In addition, a number of IBM partners, such as management platform vendors BMC Software and Computer Associates International plan to announce products to monitor and manage Linux running on Big Iron. For instance, CA is expected to announce agents and other products that will help IS staff manage Apache and IBM WebSphere Web server applications on Linux on the S/390.

IBM blasts EMC on standards

Storing and retrieving data across different platforms is going to be key to the future of e-business, an IBM storage executive claims.

WRQ rolling out flurry of host access products

WRQ is releasing software to speed access to legacy applications and integrate them with the Web. The company recently announced the availability of Reflection 4.0, server software that lets end users securely and remotely access their mainframe, AS/400, OpenVMS, or HP-UX-based applications.

IBM continues to pull plug on gear

Big Blue's retreat from the networking hardware market is accelerating with the withdrawal of a dozen or so pieces of hardware and software.