Stories by Marc Songini

IBM pumps up WebSphere offering

Looking to make WebSphere the Internet application server of choice, IBM is adding a wide range of features and is expected to announce it will now become the centrepiece for IBM's Web-to-host, server load balancing, and Internet integration products.

New Super-Duper Computer from IBM

IBM Corp. has announced a new RS/6000 SP Unix-based supercomputer with new high-speed switching and clustering technology that will let it execute 12.3 trillion operation per second - or one online transaction for every human being in the world per minute.

IBM Trading Blows With EMC

Big Blue recently picked up its marbles and walked away from a storage area network (SAN) management standards body led by EMC Corp., claiming the latter is not interested in open standards.

ResQNet Package Wires Up Mainframe Access

A new turnkey package from Inc. lets users access legacy mainframe, AS/400 applications via wireless devices such as Palm Inc. PDA's, Pocket PCs, Windows CE devices and cell phones.

Tivoli tackles mobile network device security

Companies concerned about the security risks involved with letting end users access network resources via wireless devices might want to consider enhancements coming to Tivoli Systems' security management software.

NetScout Grabs NextPoint

Net performance software vendor NetScout Systems Inc. is buying out rival NextPoint Networks Inc.

IBM Backs Supply Chain Management Offering

In a move to attract wholesale and industrial supply companies, IBM Corp. recently announced a strategic alliance with Stockholm, Sweden International Business Systems to produce a full-service global supply chain management package for enterprise users. Running IBS apps over IBM hardware and middleware frameworks, users will be able to buy an integrated set of SCM, customer relationship management and order fulfillment offerings.

Neon to Let Users Get CICS Web Ready

Large users looking to bring legacy CICS transactions into the Web-based e-commerce world may want to look at new software from Neon Systems Inc.