Stories by Marc Songini

Concord Gets More Proactive

Concord Communications Inc., best known for its tools that report on historical network performance trends, last week rolled out products that will give customers more immediate feedback on how their networks are running.

Computer Associates grabs Sterling for $4 billion

Customers could wind up with a more complete set of products with application development, storage management and business intelligence features if Computer Associates International Inc. can execute its $4 billion proposed buyout of Sterling Software Inc. effectively.

For Web-to-Host Vendors, the Future Is Now

Major Web-to-host vendors are all singing the same tune: Future products are going to become more secure, work faster, be more Web-friendly and enable e-business like never before. Vendors such as IBM Corp., Attachmate Corp., OpenConnect and WRQ Inc. are working to bolster their software packages by adding features that will enable centralized management, easier access to legacy applications via the Web, and integration with handheld and mobile devices.

Comic Gives Audience ABCs of Network Industry

It's simple -- cut away the technical jargon and the principle is easily understood. "It's taking more money from people in another way," says Sinbad, the popular U.S. stand-up comic. "It's sucking up money in any way we possibly can."

Chip Startup Targets Growing Net Appliance Market

Transmeta Corp., a 5-year-old "startup," has come out of hiding and is boldly claiming its new power-efficient processors could help create a new generation of high-performance, low-cost Internet appliances and thin clients.