Stories by Marc Songini

IBM Throws Linux Lovefest

IBM Corp. said this week it would be pushing harder than ever to promote upstart operating system Linux.

Cisco and IBM collaborate to fine tune products

The Cisco-IBM alliance is beginning to bear fruit.
In fact, both companies claim it now means greater reliability for IP traffic rates in networks that have IBM mainframes attached to Cisco routers.

IBM dismantles Network Computing Software unit

Sometimes it's easy to understand the joke that IBM stands for "I've Been Moved."
For instance, last month the company did some quiet shuffling of products and executives within its massive Software Group. Among the changes will be the creation of new business units and the phase-out of its Network Computing Software Division.

IBM bolsters mainframe fibre links

Customers looking to build high-speed interconnections among multiple data centres for distributed applications, disaster recovery or CPU redundancy may be interested in a new box from IBM.

Token-Ring phaseout?

The 14-year-old standards body that oversees token-ring development this week will decide its future. Its options aren't pretty.

Big Blue beefing up AS/400's IP muscle

To make its popular AS/400 the server of choice for 'Net applications and IP-based networks, IBM is pumping up the Web performance and quality-of-service (QoS) capabilities of the box's operating system.

Too Many Servers? Try a Consolidation Program

IBM Corp. and other server vendors are only too happy to sell you as many servers as you'd like. But some of those same vendors would also be pleased to sell you a service that would ultimately reduce the number of servers in your shop, bringing down your hardware and management costs in the process.

Revised IBM Firewall Foils Spoofers, Spammers

IBM Corp.'s latest firewall release will offer protection for multimedia applications as well as shield users from unwanted e-mail.
Among the key features in SecureWay Firewall 4.1, which runs on Windows NT and AIX servers, is support for the SOCKS V5 protocol. SOCKS V5 can be used to define security policies for dealing with Real Audio and other high-bandwidth multimedia applications being accessed outside the corporate network. SOCKS V5 can also be used to provide secure access for external users to multimedia content running on a corporate network.

IBM putting a Big Blue stamp on Linux

If you've wanted to try Linux but have had cold feet because it's fairly untested in the enterprise network arena, take heart: IBM is putting some of its considerable muscle behind the technology.

Monterey Steps Into Merced Arena

IBM Corp. wants to be the first vendor to offer Unix on Intel Corp.'s much touted 64-bit Merced chip.
Big Blue is off to a decent start, having completed a 24 hour dry run at an Intel lab last week. During the testing, researchers powered up a Merced chip with a copy of the Monterey operating system on it. Monterey is a joint project between IBM, the Santa Cruz Operation Inc. and Sequent Computer Systems Inc. to create a 32-bit and 64-bit Intel-based version of Unix.

IBM's software offering will tie security, QoS

Hoping to simplify policy control over far-flung security and network products, IBM's networking computer software division intends to make its suite of FirstSecure products centrally manageable.

Readers react to Cisco-IBM deal

IB's announcement last week that it was selling its routing and switching patents to arch rival Cisco Systems had online readers of Computerworld's sister publication in the US, Network World, weighing in with their opinions.