Stories by Sandra Gittlen

Soupin' up the bus

InfiniBand, EtherFabric, iWarp. Which high-speed interconnect will you choose to pump up your net?

Turning over the reins

Call it the end of an era. For the past three years, we've been writing back and forth about the trials and tribulations of learning more about IT and networking. I hope I've offered you half as much education as you've given me. It's truly been a learning experience hearing about the challenges in keeping up to speed on technologies and helping to educate users.

Wanted: Chief Data Officer

I've always wanted to coin a term. And I have just the one that our industry needs: Chief Data Officer. That's right. Chief Data Officer. Immediately, it'd be shortened to CDO. Or if you want to be real cute, you could pronounce it c-doh.

DoubleClick to offer data management

DoubleClick, a pioneer in online marketing automation, is branching out into the data management arena and has purchased CSC Advanced Database Solutions to jump-start this effort.

With security, simplicity isn’t best

All IT managers strive for simplicity. Heck, who doesn’t want work to be less complex? Who doesn’t want a turnkey solution? Who doesn’t crave out-of-the-box gear?

Interaction: a big challenge for e-commerce

Everybody and their brother has a Web site so companies must develop unique ways to attract visitors. Ettractions debuted a service at the Demo 2003 conference in the US that brings customers straight to a site's doorstep.

A helping hand

Last year, I did my taxes with the help of an online wizard. I went line by line through every question and at the end offered up my digital signature and waited for my refund.

How lazy are we?

Cellbucks, an electronic payment network in the US, is busy inking deals with stadiums and concert venues so you can order items, such as food and beverage, without ever leaving your seat.

Educating tomorrow's IT managers

I had the distinct pleasure of teaching a graduate IT class at Harvard last week. However, in the end, I was the one who got the real education.

Judging customer loyalty

There's a business for just about everything, I'm convinced. Last week, I received a press release from a company that uses metrics to study brand loyalty among brick-and-mortar stores. Now the company, Brand Keys, has extended its Customer Loyalty Index study to include online retailers.

Mailbag: Tale of woe?

You could almost feel the group hug. Messages poured into my in-box last week with words of support and career suggestions for my friend, the network manager whose company is tossing out Novell gear in favour of Microsoft's offerings.

A tale of woe from the front line

A friend of mine phoned me up in a tizzy last week. His company had thrown him for a major loop but he doesn't feel he can leave because of the state of the economy.

Your commitment to yourself

It's hard to figure out when training became more of a burden on the employee vs. the employer. One reader says it started around the time that inexpensive training became available.