Stories by Sandra Gittlen

IETF, ITU Agree on Convergence Standards

Longtime adversaries the International Telecommunication Union and the Internet Engineering Task Force have called a truce.
Speaking at the 45th IETF meeting here in Oslo, ITU Director Houlin Zhao said the two standards bodies would work together on emerging telecom protocols.
"The ITU is totally changing as of May 2000," said Zhao, who heads up the telecommunications standards efforts at the ITU. "We are looking at a new structure."

Net gurus ponder future of advanced Nets

The Internet's deep thinkers gathered in San Jose last week to hail and fret over the fate of a next-generation Net they hope will be for everyone, not just the technologically privileged.

A slow touch for domain names

Speculators on the prowl for potentially lucrative domain names are choking the domain registration system.
Over the past week, users seeking to register domain names with Network Solutions Inc (NSI) have complained of increasingly lengthy delays.

IBM to Cash In on QoS Patents

IBM Corp. raised industry eyebrows last week by telling the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) that the company will charge licensing fees for pending patents that pertain to the Multi-Protocol Label Switching quality-of-service specification.