Stories by Andrew Birmingham

Android pricing key driver of market share in $15b smartphone sector

Carriers continue to absorb the lion’s share of the fast growing $15 billion smartphone sector in Australia, according to a new study. In competitive terms it is the pricing strategies of Android vendors that will have the most impact on market share, while the mooted Facebook phone is just one potential disrupter in the medium term.

Responsive Web design

As platforms proliferate and staff and consumers become more demanding about their choice of personal device, IT departments are looking for ways to make Web design more responsive to this. This is especially so as Web products have to span across multiple screens and devices — everything from widescreen TVs to desktops, tablets and smartphones.

Wednesday Grok: Microsoft launches Surface tablet

As flagged in tail of Monday’s Grok, Microsoft this week took the wraps off its all new Windows 8 tablet, called Microsoft Surface. The company played its cards very close to its chest prior to this announcement to such an extent that Grok’s chum inside Microsoft had only learned of the product in recent days.

Friday Grok: comScore’s latest Web insights

Web measurement company comScore held its annual Internet Report for the US yesterday. Technically, it was a private briefing which the rest of us only get to see in a week or so. So of course it’s already been extensively leaked.

Thursday Grok: Moderating the Web in the 'war against internet stupidity'

One of the great joys (and frustrations) of the internet is the sheer lawlessness of it all. On the one hand, you can find a first-hand account by the physician who attended to Abraham Lincoln in the moments after he was shot. Or, quicker than you can say Google you can immerse yourself one man’s misspent youth over at

Friday Grok: It’s Mary Meeker time again

Kleiner Perkin’s partner and internet star, Mary Meeker, has presented the latest annual internet trends report, which has come a little earlier than usual — last year’s annual internet trends report was released in October. This latest chapter was delivered at the All Thing's D conference. It's worth locking yourself away in the office for a few hours to breathe it all in.

Wednesday Grok: Flame on as cyber threat puts UN on "war footing"

Viruses. Worms. Spooks. Super villains. Cyber threats. Auric Goldfinger. Fear and loathing. Security stories — Grok tends to stay away from them because he doesn't really understand them and can’t decide if the often inflammatory coverage is warranted or just Google bait for Web publishers. (Like the first 14 words of this blog, for instance.)

Monday Grok: No class, just all class action around the Facebook IPO

Numbers are lazy. Bigger numbers are even lazier. Or perhaps it’s just that people like me who quote them all the time are lazy about how we use them. That’s probably because after a while you pass so many noughts before you trip over a decimal point that their impact is lost in the interference.