Stories by Andrew Birmingham

Tuesday Grok: Groupon surges on latest results, and savage cuts to marketing

Groupon released its latest financial results for its most recent quarter, and the headline numbers look great. They look stunning in fact. A cynic might suggest they are almost too good to be true. It went from a $146.5 million loss in the corresponding quarter last year to an $11.7 loss this quarter in this latest result.*

Thursday Grok: Oracle v Google — fat lady refuses to sing

Google, according to a jury, violated Oracle’s copyright but it hasn’t been able to decide whether Google overstepped the fair use provisions of the law. And we are still waiting for the fat lady to sing. Indeed, she’s just getting warmed up.

Yahoo CEO better Google "Exit", update his LinkedIn profile while he’s at it

Yahoo may well ditch its CEO, Scott Thomson, by the end of this week — assuming he lasts that long. Activist shareholder Daniel Loeb discovered that Thomson had padded (a polite term for ‘lied about’) his computer science qualifications when joining Yahoo. That padding (lying) had been going on for years, as it now transpires.

Wednesday Grok: Google chases paid inclusion, the very evil it once spurned

Google just can’t help itself. It’s like a drunk stumbling into a bar, or a junkie with his bony fingers clamped tightly around a fresh new 50 dollar note. The search engine giant seems determined to self-immolate. Forget about anti-trust for the time being, we’re talking instead about the debasement of its core product.

Thursday Grok: Nobody tell the Muppets that Groupon is a crock

Groupon is a crock. Its business model is deeply flawed and the numbers spat out by its accounting department are so rubbery you could bounce cheques off them. For the third time in less than two years, and barely six months after its IPO, the company has been forced, again, to acknowledge some shabby accounting practices.

Monday Grok: Girls Around Me app pushed too far

Some days are diamonds. And some days those diamonds are the size of Jupiter. The story which unfolded around the Girls Around Me app in recent days highlights both the best and worst of the net sector.