Stories by Ken Mingis

Mingis on Tech: Windows 10 turns 1

It's been a year since Windows 10 arrived. Executive News Editor Ken Mingis talks with Windows expert Preston Gralla about Microsoft's OS and what's new in the Anniversary Update.

Mingis on Tech: Apple's WWDC keynote dissected

Executive News Editor Ken Mingis, Computerworld Editor in Chief Scot Finnie and Multimedia Editor Keith Shaw tackle Apple's big keynote address from the Worldwide Developers Conference.

Mingis on Tech: MacBooks are hot, trade shows are not

Executive Editor Ken Mingis, Apple expert Michael deAgonia and Multimedia Content Editor Keith Shaw mostly fawn over Apple's just-updated MacBook, then debate whether trade shows like Interop and CES are on their way out.

Mingis on Tech: All about Microsoft's Surface Book (and the importance of ports)

If you're eyeing one of Microsoft's hybrid devices like the Surface Book, or want to make sure your next laptop is future-proof (hint: check the ports), this episode's for you. Executive News Editor Ken Mingis gets the details from Sharon Machlis, Executive Editor, Online & Data Analytics, and Editor in Chief Scot Finnie.

WWDC: Live updates

Computerworld tweets will keep you updated on the latest from WWDC as Apple CEO Tim Cook and other executives unveil the company's plans for iOS 6, OS X Mountain Lion and, presumably, new hardware.

Thompson reportedly out as Yahoo CEO

Yahoo CEO Scott Thompson, who's been under fire amid questions about whether he padded his resume, plans to step down from his job, according to a report today by All Things D.

Apple CEO Steve Jobs resigns

Apple's iconic CEO, Steve Jobs, is resigning and has asked the company's board of directors to tap COO Tim Cook as his replacement.